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#91 Nutrition, pathophysiology of DMT2, the environment & ending the diet wars

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#90 Low carb diets for diabetes Part I with Dr David Unwin, GP

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#57 Type 2 diabetes mellitus with Dr Tom Dover, endocrinologist

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#52 Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with Professor Susan Davis

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#49 Polycystic ovarian syndrome with Prof Helena Teede, endocrinologist PhD

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Online Resources

You and Your Hormones: An education resource from the Society of Endocrinology, providing the latest information on hormones and hormone-related conditions. Written & reviewed by experts in the field.

A GP guide to reversing diabetes with low-carb diets: with a growing evidence base, GPs can be confident in recommending carbohydrate restriction as a safe and effective option for ‘diabesity’

2019 Nutrition Therapy for Adults With Diabetes or Prediabetes: A Consensus Report from the American Diabetes Association

FreeStyleLibre: Non-invasive flash glucose monitor that pairs with your smartphone.

Hypothyroidism investigation and management, by the Australian Family Physician

Low Carbohydrate Nutrition Approaches, by Guideline Central


Online Courses


Free trial available. Get your diabetes back on track with this 12 week personalised online diabetes program.

Mastering Diabetes

Requires purchase. A plant-based approach to reversing diabetes using your food as medicine.

Diet Doctor

Free trial available. A low carbohydrate diet for improving health and diabetes

Master of Medicine (Metabolic Health)

Requires purchase/enrolment. The University of Sydney’s highly practical degree that has been designed to help students to develop a comprehensive understanding of the aetiology, diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment of metabolic diseases.


Defeat Diabetes: App Store | Google Play | Website

Free trial available. A low-carb approach to reversing diabetes

MySugr: App Store | Google Play

Free. Customizable interfact and the ability to sync with your blood glucose monitor for reminders.

Fooducate: App Store | Google Play

Free. Scan or search for food and see Fooducate’s grade of its caloric quality. Makes it easy for you to track & discover more information about the foods you put into your body, including added sugar content, hidden ingredients and more. Not all foods are created equal!

FreeStyle Libre Link: App Store | Google Play

Requires purchase of FreeStyle Libre glucose monitor. Now you can monitor your glucose on your phone without routine finger pricks!

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