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#15 Prostate cancer with Dr Tony Gianduzzo, urologist

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#3 PSA and DRE screening – to do or not to do, where is the evidence? And intensive lifestyle changes in early stage prostate cancer

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Online Resources

Clinical summary guides on the management of male reproductive and sexual health, by Healthy Male/Andrology Australia

Clinical practice guidelines for PSA testing and early management of test-detected prostate cancer, by Cancer Council Australia

Should I have prostate cancer (PSA) screening tests? A patient information sheet from RAGCP (pdf)

International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) Form (pdf) (patients): Finding and profiling the many resources available to promote a social determinants approach to male health and wellbeing. (patients): Peak body supporting almost 1000 Men’s Sheds, recognised as one of Australia’s largest male-based community development organisations.

Mr Perfect (patients): Mr Perfect is a grassroots charity that brings men together at BBQs in local parks across Australia, to create community and connection. Mr Perfect also provides online support, information and resources for the good of men’s health.


The Making of Men:Raising Boys to be Happy, Healthy and Successful, Arne Rubinstein

Father of two boys Dr Arne Rubinstein draws on his thirty years’ experience working with teenagers. He reveals what happens to boys during adolescence, what you can do about it as a parent or carer, how you help them stay out of trouble, and what you need to do to ensure they grow up to be a happy, healthy and well-adjusted men.  Packed with insights, practical tips and honest, no-nonsense wisdom.

Online Courses

Andrology Australia Events & Education

A range of conferences and events to promote evidence-based clinical and patient resources on male reproductive and sexual health.

European Association of Urology Guidelines on Men’s Health

Requires sign-up. A 2 hour online course covering treatment of non-neurogenic male LUTs, male sexual dysfunction, infertility & hypogonadism.

Rites of Passage Institute (patient & professionals)

Various courses & prices. A social enterprise helping people discover their passion and purpose, learn critical life skills and create a positive vision for the future.


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