Musculoskeletal & Rheumatology

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Podcast Episodes

#104 Myths and Facts in Sports and Exercise medicine: Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries and Lower back Pain with Dr Louise Tulloh, Sports and Exercise Physician

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#86 Moving as Medicine with Dr John Sykes, GP

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#76 Osteoarthritis with Prof David Hunter

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#62 Functional movement training for back pain with Dr David Johnson, neurosurgeon

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#46 Rheumatoid arthritis with Dr Ken Maguire, rheumatologist

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#41 Musculoskeletal clinical pearls of wisdom with Dr Scott Masters, GP

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#24 Stem cell therapy with A/Prof Megan Munsie, PhD

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#1 Low back pain – review of treatment guidelines, differentials and the role of imaging

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Online Resources

The Rehab Lab: Creators and suppliers of simple, easy-to-use exercise prescription software to healthcare professionals.

Paediatric Fractures Guidelines, by Royal Children’s Hospital

RACGP guidelines on managing knee and hip osteoarthritis

RACGP guidelines for rheumatoid arthritis

FRAX Fracture Risk Assessment Tool: Toolkit for 10 year fracture risk a free learning and collaboration tool for physicians

Orthoinfo: Find hundreds of articles, videos and resources to help manage your bone and joint health.

PEP warm-up program to prevent injuries (pdf)

FIFA 11+ exercise program (pdf)

Myalgic Encephalitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Primer (pdf): An international consensus primer for medical practitioners

For ALL osteoporosis resources, please visit Aged Care


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Textbook of Musculoskeletal Medicine, Michael Hutson & Richard Ellis

The most authoritative contemporary textbook on the core components of the rapidly developing medical discipline known as Musculoskeletal Medicine – the “Bible” for clinicians, both medical practitioners and therapists, who wish to advance their knowledge of the evaluation and non-surgical management of back pain and a range of painful disorders of the locomotive system.

Brukner & Khan’s Clinical Sports Medicine, Peter Brukner & Karim Khan

Brukner & Khan’s Clinical Sports Medicine is the world-leading title in sports and exercise medicine, providing an authoritative foundation for clinicians and students. This complete practical guide to physiotherapy and musculoskeletal medicine covers all aspects of diagnosis and contemporary management of sports-related injuries. The fifth edition has been expanded to accommodate a much higher level of evidence-based content. It reflects the huge amount of new research and significant changes in thinking since the fourth edition was published.

Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual, Volumes 1 & 2, David Simons, Janet Travell & Lois Simons

This new edition of Travell, Simons & Simons’ groundbreaking work reflects the latest research and best practices associated with trigger points and updates the iconic pain point images that set the standard in the field. New lead editor Joseph M. Donnelly draws on his experience as both educator and physical therapy practitioner to integrate an evidence-based approach into this critical text. In addition, the new edition consolidates information to create a more intuitive user experience and features a completely new full colour design to bring concepts to life.

Online Courses

Australian College of Sports and Exercise Physiology Training Program

Fellowship training program. At the completion of the Specialist Training Program and Fellowship Examinations, you will be a Specialist Sport and Exercise Physician.

Knee osteoarthritis in general practice (RACGP)

Education modules for RACGP for CPD points.

Australian Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine Certificate Courses*: Website | Facebook

The Australian Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine is offering a Certificate in Musculoskeletal Medicine to provide general practitioners and registrars in general practice, pain medicine and rehabilitation training programmes with the opportunity to extend their expertise in dealing with musculoskeletal complaints in a structured way that is compatible with the other continuing professional development demands.

MyJointPain (patient program)

Free. This easy-to-use website can help you relieve the symptoms of joint pain or osteoarthritis (OA) and help you lead a more active and pain-free life.


OrthoGuidelines: App Store | Google Play

Free. The home for AAOS quality products, such as clinical practice guidelines and appropriate use criteria. Users can navigate all guidelines recommendations by orthopaedic disease, specialty, keyword, strength of evidence & stage of care. Evidence-based recommendations at the point of care to assist clinicians with clinical decision-making.

Other Podcasts

British Journal of Sports Medicine Podcast: Apple Podcasts

BJSM is a multimedia information portal that provides original research, reviews and debate relating to clinically relevant aspects of sports and exercise medicine. It contributes to innovation, education and knowledge translation.

*Thank you to Dr Scott Masters for recommending this resource and sharing your valuable knowledge

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