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#95 The Nocturnal Brain: Nightmares, Neuroscience and the Secret World of Sleep with Dr Guy Leschziner

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#63 What is lifestyle medicine? with Dr Sam Manger and Dr Edwin Kruys

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#44 Sleep & airway obstruction in children, adults & pregnant women with Dr David McIntosh, ENT specialist

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Online Resources


Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (pdf)

Insomnia Severity Index (pdf)

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Questionnaires: Epworth Sleepiness Scale | OSA-50 Screening | STOP-Bang

Restless Legs Syndrome – Severity Assessment (pdf)


Fatigue Management Plan: For discussing possible causes of uncomplicated fatigue in young to middle-aged adults (pdf)

Sleep & Insomnia Self-Help Resources, by the Centre for Clinical Interventions, Western Australia

Insomnia Management Kit, by South Australia Health: An excellent series of flowcharts and handouts for insomnia, including these PDFs: Sleep: facts & hygiene; Stimulus Control Therapy; Bedtime Restriction Therapy; Bright Light Therapy; Relaxation Therapy, and more!

f.lux: f.lux makes your computer screen look like the room you’re in, all the time. When the sun sets, it makes your computer look like your indoor lights. In the morning, it makes things look like sunlight again.


The Nocturnal Brain, Dr Guy Leschziner

What happens to our brain at night? Are we really fully asleep and if so how is it that some individuals end up doing what they do? Or can it be the case that perhaps the brain never fully goes to sleep and that in some individuals there is a disconnect between the sleeping part of their brain and the active part of their brain so that the two become confused? Does this happen to all of us in varying degrees and can the reverse be the case too – so that some individuals are actually asleep during the day while appearing to be awake?! In this ground-breaking book, Dr Guy Leschziner takes us on a fascinating journey through the nocturnal brain to illustrate the neuroscience behind nightmares, night terrors and sleep walking.

Why We Sleep, Matthew Walker, PhD

The first sleep book by a leading scientific expert—Professor Matthew Walker, Director of UC Berkeley’s Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab—reveals his groundbreaking exploration of sleep, explaining how we can harness its transformative power to change our lives for the better.

Online Courses

This Way Up – Managing Insomnia Course

In this course you will learn Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) skills to help manage your insomnia. CBT is the recommended, first-line treatment for chronic insomnia.


Subscription-based. Sleepio consists of six lessons, of approximately 20 minutes each, incorporating CBT and education treatment methods. The course is delivered by an animated character “The Prof”, with content personalised using an algorithm driven by the results of an initial assessment; this assessment is based on treatment goals, symptoms and ongoing entries in a sleep diary.


Sleep Cycle: App Store | Google Play | Website

Free; in-app purchases. Analyses sleep pattern using the accelerometer in your smartphone and wakes you up in the lightest phase of sleep.

Sleep Center: App Store

Free; in-app purchases. The Sleep Center is a superior all-in-one sleep application. It consists of four modules: Recorder, Smart Alarm, Stop Snoring & Sleepy Sounds

Good Morning Alarm Clock: App Store

Requires purchase. Good Morning Alarm Clock is a smart alarm clock that finds the optimal time to wake you up, keeps track of your sleep quality, and notifies you if you have a sleep debt.

Sleep as Android: Google Play

Free; in-app purchases. Smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking for Android devices. Wakes you gently in optimal moment for pleasant mornings.

Sleep on Cue: App Store

Requires purchase. Sleep On Cue is a scientifically-based sleep-training app for smartphone.  In formal studies, lab-based ISR was shown to be as effective as the most supported and effective counseling/behavioral technique for insomnia, called “stimulus control”, but ISR showed a much faster response time and an equally long lasting effect.

Samsung Health: Google Play

Free. Samsung Health provides core features to keep up your body fit and healthy. It will record and analyze your daily activities (and nightly – such as sleep!) and habits to help maintain a successful diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

FitBit Inspire: App Store | Google Play

Requires purchase of FitBit device. Used to assess light, deep and REM sleep. NB: devices are only recommended to identify and monitor improvements in sleep before and after sleep interventions. Regular and constant use outside of this may cause sleep anxiety and sleep pathologies.

Other Podcasts

FoundMyFitness with Rhonda Patrick, PhD – Dr. Matthew Walker on Sleep for Enhancing Learning, Creativity, Immunity & Glymphatic Function: Apple Podcasts

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