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#101 COVID-19 Part 2: Self care

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#100 COVID-19 Part 1: Healthcare and an Overview

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In the face of COVID-19, do we need Lifestyle Medicine more than ever? [Blog post from the creators of]

Online Resources

Department of Health COVID-19 Resources: A collection of resources for the general public and industry about coronavirus

Coronavirus information for GPs: RACGP coronavirus information page, with links webinars, criteria and resources

Release from isolation – revised criteria, by the Department of Health

Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC): Recommendation on testing and work restriction for health and aged care workers

Medico-legal advice for doctors and practices, by Avantmutual

Medicare telehealth item numbers for GPs

GPs can COVID-19 blog: A GPs thoughts on strategies in workplaces, schools, isolation and practical tips

COVID-19 for A summary of current clinical evidence for GPs

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre: A resource to help advance the understanding of the virus, inform the public, and brief policymakers in order to guide a response, improve care, and save lives.

Influenza vaccines for Australians fact sheet (pdf)

Environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for COVID-19 (pdf), by the Department of Health

COVID-19 situation: live tracking from the World Health Organisation

Oxford COVID-19 Evidence Service, from the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine

National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce: Supporting Australia’s healthcare professionals with continually updated, evidence-based clinical guidelines

Medication Considerations

Avoiding Ibuprofen: WHO officially recommends to avoid taking ibuprofen for COVID-19 symptoms


Coronacast, by ABC Radio National. Presented by Dr Norman Swan: Website | Apple Podcasts

Why COVID-19 is hitting us now and how to prepare for the next outbreak, by Alanna Shaikh: TED video | Apple Podcasts

The Joe Rogan Experience #1439 with Michael Osterholm: YouTube | Apple Podcasts

Making Sense with Sam Harris #191 with Dr Amesh Adalja (Johns Hopkins) – Early Thoughts on a Pandemic: YouTube | Apple Podcasts

RACGP Special COVID-19 Series, by The Good GP (Apple Podcast Links ~12-15 minutes each)


How a country serious about coronavirus does testing and quarantine (~6 minutes)

How did India succeed at containing the COVID-19 outbreak? (~3 minutes)

How to deal with stress of the COVID-9 pandemic? (~3 minutes)

What’s the progress with the COVID-19 vaccine? (~3 minutes)

Vaccination and Herd Immunity: How does it work? (~4 minutes)

How to protect older adults from COVID-19 (~4 minutes)

The Big Picture

Coronavirus: What has it revealed? Russell Brand’s thoughts on what has changed, and what may: YouTube

After the Storm, by The School of Life (~5 minute read)