Why this course?

So many people who are trying to lose weight are either a) exploited for $$$ or b) unsupported.

To help people make informed decisions about the path to a healthier weight, I spent many hours in 2017-18 writing and creating over 100 videos. These videos focus on nutrition, different diets from vegan to low carb to fasting, dietitian-created meal plans, movement, sleep, support, mindset, principles, psychology, medications, supplements, surgery and more. These are now all available FREE, with transcripts, activities, meal plans and resources.

Losing weight is often not easy and not simple. It is a biopsychosociocultural challenge that needs a far better approach from healthcare.

I have NO dietary agenda. I have been working with people in the real world for long enough to realise there is NO ONE WAY for everybody, but there certainly is sensible common ground between the many options.

I hope it helps.

Dr Sam Manger.

Healthy Weight with Dr. Sam

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Meal Plans for Healthy Weight Loss

Click to download PDF document. Each weight loss, one-week meal plan incorporates a variety of healthy, whole foods, with each day totalling ~1000 calories.

Meal Plans: Mediterranean | Vegan | Paleo | Keto

Nutrient Breakdown: Mediterranean | Vegan | Paleo | Keto

NOTE: While these meal plans are dietitian designed, it is for general information only and is not tailored to your specific needs. It is recommended this is used in conjunction with your doctor or dietitian and is not designed for long term use.