Activity: Let’s Get Moving

So let’s get you moving!

  1. Reflect on ways you love to move.  If you can’t think of anything now – reflect on your past, perhaps as a child, how did you like to move in the past? Was it walking in nature and hikes, was it rock climbing, dancing, martial arts or the gym, was it group sports or by yourself?
  2. If you can’t think of anything – don’t worry!  This is quite common in my experience. To me this just means that you have not found what you enjoy yet. So it is going to take a bit of easy and quick research.  Google “fun types of exercise” or something like that. Spend 5 minutes doing some research and see if anything takes your fancy. I can pretty much guarantee there is some form of movement that will make you feel happy and energised and wanting more
  3. Now that you have your form of movement in mind – let’s set some “SMART goals”
    1. Specifically – how much and when will you do it?
    2. Measurable – how will you measure this?  And do you need to measure it?
    3. Achievable/realistic – is this actually achievable and realistic given your other priorities in life?  E.g. patients often say to me “I will do one hour swim before work”, then I ask them – “but what else do you have to do in the morning that competes with this?” and the answer often is “o get the kids ready, get ready for work…. Yeah actually I don’t have an hour then”…    So the point I am making is = SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS! Set goals which you CAN ACHIEVE, even if they are initially small e.g. 5 minutes of high intensity exercise in your bedroom from a youtube video in the morning. My experience is that once you get a taste of rewarding movement, you will want more and make more time
    4. Timely = WHEN (specifically!) are you going to start this form of movement?
  4. Now you have decided this, the next step is to SET MULTIPLE REMINDERS = tell family/friends, set reminders in your phone, put a post-it note on your mirror
  5. Consider doing it with a friend or at least TELLING someone (friend, family or professional) – someone to keep you to account, make you feel some obligation to, and push you a bit on the days you are feeling slack.  CHOOSE THAT PERSON NOW AND TEXT THEM (or book an appointment with them) = YOUR SMART GOALS and say “PLEASE PUSH ME IF I AM GETTING SLACK”
  6. Finally = Make an internal commitment to yourself and the other people you are doing this for

I have put some more links for lists of potential youtube channels, apps etc below. Happy hunting

Interval training –

Apps –

Youtube channels-