Activity: Measure Yourself

Hopefully after watching the principles above you know that this journey is about far more than just losing weight.  This course is designed to make you happier and healthier in many ways.

However, you CAN be still important to quantify your weight and waist circumference now.

To take your waist circumference look here =

However, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS.  Some people don’t want to look at scales or do their weight, they prefer to make the changes and go by other variables like the looseness of their clothes and the way they feel.  That is ok too.

If you do go with a measurement, then write it down, and write your goal weight down, and write down your checkpoint goals as per principle 2.  It can be helpful to weigh yourself regularly, every 1-2 weeks as per a later video. But again – you don’t have to this either. Only if you feel it is right for you.