Activity: Review and Progress

I know it can be confusing – don’t worry!  The truth is everyone agrees on certain principles e.g. more whole food, less processed food – so focus on these.

Review the headings of these videos. Choose 4 actions you are going to start in your new food journey and commit for 4 weeks.  For example – water before meals, reading nutrition tables on your food, increasing your vegetable ratio and reducing everything else, and have a reduced calorie/fasting plan (<500 calories a day) once or twice a week.  But pick the four you want to try first, NOT the four other people think you should try (if your health professional wants you to try some then please follow their advice).

Also remember that what works for some people, doesn’t work for others.  For a variety of reasons. Hence you may want to trial different nutrition ideas and types every 4-6 weeks if you are not getting results. Listen to your body.  After a while you will learn what works best for your social and biological situations.

All the best.