Fun Tips for Moving

  1. Avoid being sedentary
    1. Try moving small amounts throughout the day, EVEN if you are doing some exercise on that day – THEY BOTH MATTER!
    2. Get out of your chair and move around a bit, maybe every 30 minutes, have a bit of  a stretch, move your legs, dance etc
    3. Stand at your desk =
    4. Consider a “cardiodesk” for study at home =

Note: There are lots of options, these are just some good examples. I have no connection with either of these websites/business

  1. If you are time poor or busy, remember it can be short and intense exercise that does the trick.  “Tabata” is a type of exercise that is 4 mins long composed of 20 seconds on 10 seconds off and it simulates 30 minutes of steady state exercise like a treadmill.  But what is really interesting here – exercising for only 30 seconds with high intensity (like squats, burpees, push ups) or 15 minutes with low intensity (walking) before eating a meal will massively improve your glucose response to the food in the meal.  So a little bit goes a long way!
  2. If you have days off – don’t stress (you don’t need more guilt and shame on this journey)!  But just make sure overall you are moving more.