Jane and Darryl’s Real Story

Jane and Darryl were a married couple in their 40’s.  Both of them were overweight which is quite common. Jane had been trying on and off for years to lose weight but had had no success. Darryl had not tried but knew he had to.

Interesting Jane saw me by herself to help her lose weight.  It was pretty clear that some of her major barriers when we discussed preparation were practical ones.  She could often start a healthier way of eating but Darryl wouldn’t at the same time, so she had to shop for 2 people and cook for 2 people and when she started to go back to old habits he would encourage her because that way of eating was something they shared and hence this contributed to their relationship.

So I encouraged Darryl to come to her appointments and we worked out a plan that both could agree on and do.  After 1.5 years of seeing them every 1-2 months they had both made impressive weight loss. And they were able to stick to it because they did it together.  They both found it much easier because their meals were consistent but also because they could vent together, could support and motivate each other and they created new shared experiences together.