Maryanne’s Real Story

Maryanne was a married retired woman about 135kg.  We used a combination of many of the strategies discussed in this course but there are a few key points.

Maryanne liked to socialise, have friends over and go on holidays.  Sometimes these things can make it hard to stick to a “diet”, so we focussed as always on creating a new way of food for her but without any guilt attached if she did go on holidays and enjoy herself.  It just meant she had to get back on the horse when she returned. Same for friends visiting.

Now you might think that therefore her weight would have gone up and down constantly, but this was not the case.  In the first 12 months I saw her, she made slow but steady progress. She lost about 10kg in a year which to you may not sound like a lot but to me was irrelevant.  Because what I was aiming to do was to change her way of life. I wanted her to embed and ingrain everything I have told you so far. And she did, it took a year but she did.  She chipped away making small but regular changes to her life. Because the changes were small – she could do them at her pace. When she had friends over and went to holidays she started to realise that her preferences changed naturally.  She didn’t have to use willpower to “force herself to stop eating”, but rather just inherently choose healthier options, ate less, and sometimes indulged but actually enjoyed those indulgences and did not feel guilt. This meant that when she went on holidays generally she stay weight neutral, which is great.

Then after the first year she felt ready to add in other components of this course, relating to food but also the other areas we will cover in coming videos.  To date she has lost 25kg, and still aims to lose another 30kg with a goal of 80kg. But she will achieve this in her time, not anyone else’s. I admire her for not succumbing to the pressures of advertising and social desires, but rather – taking her time to make the real changes that will lead her to health.