Mindfulness Apps & Resources

Mindful eating = https://www.eatingdisorders.org.au/docman/fact-sheets/234-fact-sheet-mindful-eating

I strongly recommend you be mindful of the healthy food AND the less healthy food.  But being mindful of the less healthy or unhealthy foods you will achieve two things. The first is instead of wanted 2 or 3 of those things, you will probably be able to control yourself after 1, and this is because you were mindful of the experience. Often people want a second drink or biscuit because they had the first mindlessly, and they want to have a second to chase the experience.

The second reason to be mindful of less healthy foods is that you will possibly realise how crap it is.  The first 2-3 bites you might like it, but then you will dislike the sweetness, the effect in your mouth, the rot in your teeth, the slight nausea of bad food and even some emotions that come with these foods like guilt.  Those negative experiences will put that food where it belongs in your mind – something not to be desired.

Here is a list of apps, authors, books and resources you can check out for more information on mindfulness. They are all good but try “smiling minds” as an app on your phone, it’s free and quick.

You can google these authors for their books and youtube videos as well.