Acupuncture is when thin needles are inserted from one mm to up to 2.5cm deep into specific points in our body and is derived from traditional Chinese medicine. This has also been studied for the treatment of obesity but most studies were small, short and generally low quality. Some studies showed no benefit and some showed a mild benefit of 1-1.5kg or 2-3 lbs over 6 weeks.

One trial that showed this benefit was from the International Journal of Obesity with all subjects receiving two treatments per week, lasting 40 minutes, for a total of 6 weeks. That is 12 treatments, which might be $50-100 each, hence $600-1200 for 1kg which again seems a bad deal to me.

So if you are just having acupuncture for weight loss then I suggest thinking about the cost of this and how else you might spend the money – may be on a personal trainer, health coach, or fruit and vegetables?