My concern about all of these is not so much the ingredients, but more the money people spend on them and that money being spent on something that will definitely help like a personal trainer, a health coach or healthy food. I have had patients who are not financially wealthy but desperate to lose weight been preyed on by certain practitioners and sold plans worth $200-300, and they did nothing except send them into further poverty.  That is what worries me.

The truth is most people pushing detox’s don’t really care about providing evidence it works because they sell to people based on emotional marketing techniques.  But when we do search for the evidence and studies that have been done we can see they don’t help at all.

One controlled trial investigating the Master Cleanse detox program reported no significant difference in weight loss or health improvements between middle-aged women assigned to the cleansing or to a group that simply cut their caloric intake to the same extent. Both groups ate 400 kcal per day and saw reductions in their weight, blood lipids, and insulin resistance.  So this is where they trick you and you have to be careful – they will tell you that you also need to eat well and less, exercise for their detox supplement to work.  But the truth is, the supplement is how they make money but it doesn’t make any positive difference to you, it is the healthy lifestyle that does.