Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine founded in around the year 1800.  It is not an ancient medicine. There are a few laws that underlie it, like “like cures like” and the “law of infinitesimal doses” meaning they put an ingredient in water, then dilute it so much to the point that they may only be 1 part ingredient to 1 trillion parts water, meaning no active ingredient can be detected.  Hence homeopathic remedies contain little if any actual ingredients beyond water and sometimes sugar, it is unlikely that any direct effect or harm could come from taking them. Homeopaths will also say that it works at the energetical level, so that is pretty hard to either prove or disprove, so I basically leave it to you to decide.

I searched for a while and couldn’t find any studies on actually looking at homeopathy in weight loss.  Which is a bit strange. The closest I found was looking at preventing weight gain in overweight pregnant women.  This was the “Alternative therapies in health and medicine” Journal 2016, a journal that is extremely likely to publish studies supportive of homeopathy.  However, even this study showed no benefit in homeopathy and weight. And it also said there were few studies in this area.

So considering that there is no evidence for it, and the theory is pretty bizarre, personally I would not be spending my money on it.