Sarah’s Real Story

Nikela was a 38 year old farmer who again struggled to get back to a healthy weight.  She came and asked me about medication to take. We talked about the expected benefits, side effects and costs and after this she was still keen to try it.  

I saw her monthly and she did lose weight very successfully.  She stopped the medication after 6 months and continued to lose weight but at a slower pace, which is still fine.

What is important to take away point for her and a common story I see is that the medication motivated her to keep going with the other changes.  She knew, as we had discussed it, that you can’t medicate your way out of a bad way of eating and that once she stopped the medication the weight may just come back.  So instead she used the medication to jump start our journey, she got some early wins on the board and that gave her the motivation to keep going and change the other parts of her life that would help for long term healthy weight success.  Also, because she was spending about $100 a month on medication she really didn’t want to waste that money, so that motivated her even more.

So if you need medication to do this for you then no problems. Go for it, but use it as one part of a much larger program.