Preventing Weight Regain

A common problem some people have is regaining the weight that they lost.  It is frustrating and demoralising.  So how can we prevent this?

Well, the truth is this entire course is already built on the principles and specific points required to prevent weight regain, so as long as you have been doing it, you would have come across them.  But let us review some of the key points.

  • Choosing a “way of food” that is sustainable.  Changing your diet so intensely for 8 weeks that is impossible to maintain means you will not be able to succeed in the long term.  Make changes to the food that you enjoy and can maintain given the competing demands in your life.  That is why I provided so many diet options because for some of you fasting will work, for some low carb and for some vegetarian.  Do what works for you!
  • Remember it is about more than food.   It is almost guaranteed you need to maintain some regular enjoyable and reward movement ongoing.  We also need a better and developed mindset and social support set up as well.
  • Create new habits and routines rather than depending on willpower.  Willpower only lasts a few weeks at best.  Please feel the positives of your achievements and your changes.  That positive experience of the external things and gratitude for your own strength will be what keeps you going.
  • In the last video, I talked about how our metabolic rates reduce when we lose weight (which sucks!).  So remember when you have achieved your target weight, you cannot then return to eating what you used to.  You must create a “new normal”
  • Remember your “whys” – why are you on this journey?  It may help to go back to week 1 and watch these foundation videos and do those activities again.
  • Remember to be flexible – it is OK to have a break, go on holidays, have a party etc What matters is that after this you just get back on the horse and resume your healthy weight for life journey.  It may help to watch the videos in week 3 “Can I have a break?” and also “Intermittent fasting” videos in week 4 to refresh this.  Some days you will eat more and move less and that is ok, but remember the next day, or next week, you have to balance it out.  Remember the healthy bank account analogy (Principle 7 ” Be flexible” in week 1).