Lesson Activity

5-10 minutes

“Measure, Learn, Grow” is one of those simple things you will want to be reminded about so consider writing it down or printing it off and sticking these words on your wall.  It is a good tool for any progress in your life, whether that be health, personal development or professional business.


Start by measuring/quantifying where you are now, and plan where to want to be.  Then think of ways to measure the outcomes and goals you are aiming for – is it a goal weight?  Is it to learn a set number of healthy recipes, or run a certain distance, or contact a number of old friends?  Think outside the box.

TIP: For future goals, it can be helpful to have “checkpoint” goals, which are intermediate achievable goals to your bigger final goal.  e.g. if you want to lose 10kg in 4 months, start with 5kg in 2 months.  If you want to run 5km, start with 1km in one month etc

Learn and Grow:

Set up the habit of continually reviewing your “measurements” to date.  This might be reminders on your phone, or sticky notes at your desk to remind you to “check in” and see = are you progressing towards these goals or are you not?  If not – what needs to be learnt or changed?


The key principle which underlies everything we are doing from now on is 5 simple words = measure, learn, grow and repeat.

Are you losing weight on your current lifestyle?  If not, learn by reflecting and identifying where you can change, and then make that change to grow.  Then measure to assess if the new changes are working.

If you are losing weight, can this be improved in any way?