I will tell you right now the things that drive us to change in the beginning, like will power and fear, don’t last.  In my experience, these things only last a few weeks, maybe a few months for most people.  If you look at the things you do in your life consistently and by choice, you will see a trend most of the time.  It may be bad for us or it may be good for us, but at some level, we are getting something out of it, perhaps a pleasurable feeling, perhaps a social connection, perhaps escapism from suffering, perhaps a sense of power and control.

Humans are really complex but at the same time, they are not that complex.   So when we look at implementing new changes into our, we want to keep in mind two important things.  Make the changes enjoyable if you can, whether that means being mindful of the experience, sharing the experience and venting about it with your friends, or genuinely liking this new way of life.  And second – reflect and actually experience all the new positives you have brought into your life through this process.  Appreciate that when you do lose weight you feel so much better, you have more energy, you are sleeping better, breathing better, more fit, less achy, sex is better, we are more clear headed.  Appreciate that you actually enjoy some of the new foods, you love moving the body more, you are less burdened by your self criticising thoughts and overall are much happier.   These are worth keeping and having more of right?  If you don’t value what you have done, if you don’t see the worth, then, of course, you are going to go back to old habits.  But if you see the value and pleasure in what you are doing, then you will just want more.