Lesson Activity

~30 minutes

The first activity is spending 30 minutes NOW putting in places multiple sources of motivation.  Plug these into your life to be a regular and constant presence.

Here are some examples that you can implement :

  1. Subscribing and listening to podcasts whilst driving or exercising,
  2. Motivational youtube videos which you can find by just typing motivational speech or music
  3. Listening to TED talks whilst doing your chores around the house,
  4. Keep certain role models in mind that resonate with your specific personalities,
  5. Maintain regular contact with your health provider or coaches,
  6. Attend inspiring places and events,
  7. Listen to inspiring music,
  8. Collect your favourite quotes and put them on the wall or your phone,
  9. Connect yourself with people who are also on a mission – at an event, a friend, workmate or family member.  Organise to meet up or give them a call.
  10. Sign up to newsletters and websites like https://addicted2success.com/
  11. Change your social media feeds that are relevant to your life and your journey – this is a key one because most people spend a lot of time on facebook and twitter and get news from all kinds of groups and organisations – make sure that information is filtered in your favour – people that bring you up instead of put you down, news that is relevant to your path rather than distracting and groups that support you rather than inhibit you

The second activity is: reflect on where you want to go.  Now keep in mind that after this course and other videos this may change, but have a vision of your future.  You can write it down, find pictures, put in your reminders and so on.

One of the most powerful activities you do is a 5-10 minute mind activity once a day or every few days imagining you achieving that vision and also feeling the emotions you would have when you do achieve it – for example happiness and joy.  That regular emotional feeling is really powerful and will help alter your perception of the future and make the behaviour change EASIER to do. This is a powerful activity to facilitate your change and I highly recommend it.


Weight loss is about more than just you.  By this I mean it may challenge you, and I hope you appreciate this is being said not to upset you but to raise the awareness of your decisions.  It can be hard to hear this because it means we have to take responsibility for our actions and for the impact of our actions.  But whilst it may be hard, it is good for us to have an opportunity to step up.  But here it goes.

Whether you like it or not, what you do and how you live has impacts far beyond you.

First, let’s talk about your social circles.  Whether it be your children, your siblings, parents, friends or even strangers – by living an unhealthy life, whether it be drinking lots of soft drink, or moving very little, or getting angry or whatever – we are setting an example to others that this way of life is acceptable.  If we take children, for example, a common thing patients tell me is they say “o the kids know they shouldn’t smoke, and I smoke outside”… as if this will protect their children.  The truth is, and we all know it, is that kids do what they see us as parents do.  Even if you tell them to eat well, not smoke, move well and so on, but we don’t do it, then they are much less likely to live healthily. They are more likely to do what they see us do.

To expand this further we have to look at the impact of our decisions on society at large.  The truth is that 85% of disease burden is now chronic disease like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and so which is largely preventable and reversible with healthy lifestyles.  Health system costs are going up every year, in Australia in the 1980s healthcare expenditure was $10 billion a year and about 30 years late it is $160 billion a year.  The difficulty here is that if we, the people, don’t look after ourselves we cost the health system more, which means there is less for other services and may drive debt.

Finally is the impact on our environment.  The vast majority of modern food is from either monoculture farming or industrialized meat and livestock.  These industries can have a very negative impact on the land, water supplies, deforestation, loss of wildlife, the creation of waste and pollution which affects us all.  But there are farming practices that are beneficial to the environment as well like regenerative agriculture which can be both plant-based and using livestock.  So through the choices we make with our lifestyles it can either have a beneficial effect on the environment around us, or a negative one.

So please – seriously consider the impact your choices and life are having on those around you.  It’s a pretty simple formula = how we live has flow-on effects far beyond us and as far as our personal choices go that is something we can be responsible for.  Therefore it is up to us to live a lifestyle that is beneficial to us and beyond us.