So what do I mean by “reconnect”?

When we look back at the history of the human species, and we look at our relationship and connection with food we can see some common traits.  More often than not we worked in teams or tribes to get that food, whether it be hunting, gathering or farming.  We also ate in tribes.  Food has always been the common ground to so many of our happiest memories, perhaps Christmas lunch or breakfast in bed and almost always those times were shared with other people.  Food is about so much more than just food, but the whole story around it.

However, these days a very very common “way of food” I see now is eating mindlessly and quickly whilst watching Netflix or your phone, or running around after kids or in between meetings.  So we are not connected with the food we are eating.  But we are also not connected with anyone else or even the moment or experience of that food.  We eat in isolation, we eat just as a means to keep going.

Realistically – we will all eat quickly and distracted sometimes, but the point of this video is to raise your awareness about your potential way of food and reconnect to food more than you are now.  When we reconnect with real food, perhaps that is buying fresh produce and consciously smelling its aroma as your cook it, or being mindful when you eat it, or sharing the joy of food with friends and family, or taking time to put down your distractions and give time to be grateful and conscious of the food you have.

There are many ways to do it, but reconnecting with food is about a new way of life.  It is about reconnecting with a number of major sources of pleasure, satisfaction and gratitude in life.  And fundamentally it is an element that makes us human, a survivor and a tribal animal. When you have these experiences of primal reconnection, it will help you succeed in the long term in ways you cannot yet predict.