There are two factors here, the first is that what caused you to become overweight often also causes disease, like poor diet, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, inactivity, overwhelming emotions etc.

Then there is the disease caused by obesity itself.

In the science community fat cells are called white adipocytes.  That’s the fancy term.  These cells store fat, which is essentially reserved energy for later use.

It used to be thought that these fat cells did very little except sit there and store fat.  But now we know that they are actually very biologically active almost like an organ themselves.  They secrete hormones, called adipokines, which affect our immune system and create inflammation throughout our body.  These have been linked to heart disease, arthritis, worsening autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis, and life-threatening infections.

It also makes us resistant to the hormone insulin, and this is what eventually causes type 2 diabetes.

It also plays a role in our appetites and possibly even the thickness of our blood.

But it is more than just our physical selves.  As I said before being overweight makes us more likely to be depressed and anxious, which increases the risk we will get major mental illness and also physical disorders.  In fact, major depression disorder is considered a major risk factor for getting a heart attack.

So it is complex and these conditions often form a vicious cycle where one makes another worse.  So, let’s help you get out of this cycle.