There are many ways to eat in a cost effective way.  The obvious one is try a intermittent fasting program or time restricted eating when you often skip a meal which I covered in past videos but there are also many other ways.

As a general rule check the other products for any that are on special price as there usually are and then double check the nutrition label to ensure there is not lots of added sugar.

And ALWAYS check the price “$ per 100g” when comparing two products.

In a next activity I will show you how to search for cheaper.

One suggestion is the following which is filling, tasty, flexible and healthy.

Breakfast = bowl of muesli or porridge or oats with almond milk +/- add frozen berries e.g. strawberries, raspberries, blueberries  = ~<$1/day

Tip = there are many brands of muesli, some expensive and some less so.  Aim for ~$3-5 packets which should last you a week. Or see if some are on special.  Frozen berries are much cheaper than fresh berries and just as tasty (in fact maybe even more so because they are icy!).

Or you could have free range eggs or beans with avocado. $1-1.5$

Lunch and dinner  = If you are in a rush then obviously one solution is to prepare beforehand with a few easy options. The more you do certain meals the quicker you become at them.

Obviously i encourage you to cook and explore real and good food as much as you can, and I have provided plenty of recipe options for these.  E.g. Healthy meat and 3 vege, stir fry, cook in bulk and freeze things like stews and soups.

However, I know we all sometimes eat on the run so here are some better options

  • Premade Soups and add your own vegetables
  • Salads and some added lentils or eggs or falafels
  • Super nature brand foods –
  • Frozen meals =  lite n easy, mccains – look at table – $5

Snacks = fruit, nuts, dried fruit, carrots or celery with a tasty dip – have fun with the dip, there are loads of really high quality tasty choices now like hummus, cashew etc.  Again just read the nutrition table and pick the one with the least sugar and added oils.

And if you really need them small amounts of cottage cheese or dark chocolate or a healthy drink which you can see my past videos on.  $1-2/day

And ofcourse the cheapest thing is actually free – Keep up your water as that will keep you from craving.