Wow, so that was a lot of info.  How do we sum it up? The point of all this is now you know a lot of the various options out there and what the common principles are amongst them.  The truth is though you have to try and see how you physically respond and how you can apply this in your unique lives. The other important point is that our own individual health is not everything, for some they choose to eat based on environmental or ethical considerations, and that is great and even more reason we have to individualise.

You may want to watch these videos again to pick and mix what you are going to do. My general points though are – eat earlier in the day, drink water before your meals, eat mindfully, reconnect with food, focus on high fibre and high protein foods like leafy greens, legumes, lentils, and if you eat meat then wild game or regenerative agriculture meat sources and make some nice curries or stews or stir fry. And consider some form of lower calorie <500 calories a day fasting-type days, perhaps as an intermittent program or twice a week.

The key point here though is – make it a new way of life.  Do what you enjoy and what you find you can do for the long term.  It may feel like effort in the beginning but should become quite automatic after a few weeks.  If it feels like constant long term effort – try something else and see how that goes instead.

So I would say have a look again at some of these videos and choose a few of your action points and start your new food journey.