The answer to this is basically the same as the previous video.  The studies are once again mixed. A 2014 study showed that there was no detectable difference as to whether you ate breakfast or not on weight loss. Whereas other studies found that participants who reported eating breakfast daily gained 1.9 kg less weight over 18 years, compared with those with infrequent breakfast consumption.

So once again this is another source of debate and stress and I think it really depends on you.  For example, I have seen patients who skipped breakfast and could not lose weight, and when we added in a small healthy breakfast then they began to lose weight because they were less hungry, craved less, snacked less and had smaller meals later in the day like lunch and dinner.  It also took their body out of this stress and famine mode so it did not store everything as fat. But I have also seen the opposite.

So this comes down to the principle I mentioned before – measure, learn, grow and repeat.  Are you losing weight on your current lifestyle? IF not, learn by reflecting and identifying where you can change, and then make that change to grow.  Then measure to assess if this new lifestyle is working