Perhaps some of you have never really enjoyed moving?  In my experience for many people I have worked with this is because you have not found your thing yet. Have you honestly tried every form of movement? Dancing, climbing, martial arts, drumming? I don’t believe you if you say you have.  So keep searching and get out the internet or the phone book and just search and see what takes your fancy.

If you are self conscious, anxious or too busy to go to classes there are lots of youtube videos and apps you can find now and you can learn lots of things.  I learnt a whole form of tai chi off a youtube course once. There are great apps like SworkIt for free which give you active programs and online courses like gold medal bodies fitness that show you how to move properly again.  There are apps for smartphones like myfitnesspal which counts your calories and allows to you to log your exercise and then of course the fitbits and other devices. So if that is your thing I support you to go for it.

So use the resources you have.  I have no vested interest in any specific program or course, so it is up to you. But with today’s technology we almost have every option available to us. Enjoy it, search, try it out, find what you enjoy and go for it.   It is great for weight loss but overall – just adds pleasure and meaning to life.

If you have a disability or an area of your body you cannot move, then I hope you can still move some body part and hence work on what you can do.  Consider seeing an exercise physiologist who can help you work out a program that suits you.

And that goes for everyone, if you are not sure what next step to take then have a chat to a health professional like a GP or exercise physiologist.  Professionals like exercise physiologists have trained for years and can really help you make sure your technique is correct and give you a range of options.