• How can we use this to our brain’s natural ways to our advantage?
    • Make things we don’t want – less easy to access, less tangible, less attractive. For example, less healthy foods in a hard to reach location, or in a box that on it has your current weight so you think about it  before eating it, or just don’t buy it
    • Make thing we want – more visible, accessible, more immediate, more tangible.  As the first thing, you see when you open your fridge is good healthy options like vegetables, healthy fats, tasty dip.
    • Give yourself space to let the “thinker” the cortex to come in – that might mean putting the food in hard to reach places so you have time to think, or taking 5 deep breaths or talking to someone
    • Minimise barriers/conflict to behaviours we want to do – if it’s hard, we don’t want to do it

Satisfy the needs of your body in other ways, like getting pleasure from something else rather than food.