“The power is not outside yourselves but inside, find the lamp within”

– The Buddha

Now here’s the kicker – if we do not fulfil those needs in healthy ways, we will very often try to fulfil them in other ways.    I have seen this so many times in helping people change their lives.

If you don’t connect with people in person – you might watch lots of TVs or sit online.

If you don’t get variety from healthy sources like exercise or art, you might seek stimulant drugs like cocaine or ecstasy which will obviously destroy your life

If you don’t have a sense of safety in your life, you may get into a rut and avoid any challenges to yourself or start drinking alcohol to numb your fears

If you don’t feel respected or important you may eat to just have a moment of pleasure

All of our decisions either take us closer to illness or closer to health.  The question is – what direction do you want to go?

So, take note of these needs and ask yourself – What are my needs and how can I meet them?  How can I connect with others? How can I get variety in my life?  How can I feel a sense of contribution and growth? How can I feel safer?  Giving back to others, being kind and doing something good for others is an incredibly powerful way to fulfil ourselves.  It is a win-win.  Once you have understood and fulfilled these needs in healthy ways it may go a long way to wellness and happiness.