Let’s summarise some of the common practical tips from past people that have succeeded in the long term.  All of these have evidence behind them and they do actually work so please actually spend a few minutes initiating these things.

  1. Weigh yourself weekly and keep a journal – this really helps as a reminder and keeps you on track, especially if you start slipping
  2. Consider making a food diary or journal which you can do every day or once a week. It sounds like a silly idea, but actually, it is really eye-opening.  Often we don’t appreciate what and how much we are eating until we write it down and people often say to me after this exercise – “wow I had no idea”.  A modern variant of this idea is to photo everything you eat with your phones.  That also works.
  3. Smaller plates, smaller bowls and smaller cutlery, like spoons and forks, help reduce your urges to overeat.  It really works for some
  4. Water before meals – 1-2 glasses of water 10 or so minutes before meals really helps to reduce your food intake and help you feel satisfied during meals
  5. Use evidence-based apps –  There is a great app you can get on your phone called “Eat Right Now”, and I have put the link below. Studies have shown using this app reduces your food-related cravings by 40%!
  6. Get active and enjoy what you are doing
  7. The best diet is the one you can stick to – don’t worry what works for your friends or on the internet.  Just do what works for you
  8. Don’t be afraid to rotate the styles of eating and this may include fasting
  9. Remember it is more than just about food when it comes to losing weight.  In the national weight registrar study, 98% of people reduced their food intake, but we also saw a lot of other changes as well as watching less TV
  10. And finally – if you can, do it with someone, buddy up