Thank You!

You have ongoing access to this course and I strongly recommend you re-read/watch the videos on an ongoing basis.  It will keep you motivated and you will catch anything you may have missed.


So that is it my friends.

So there is a lot of information for you here, but the truth is I have worked with enough people from all different backgrounds to know that people are intelligent and want the information.  We don’t want to be patronised and given a one pager. We want to know the detail.

The only way I can summarise is to say – this is your resource now so please use it. Take what is relevant to you, personalise it, think about it, apply it, and watch or listen to this series again and again. Remember the main principle here – measure, learn, grow and repeat.

I suggest looking at the list of contents on the left of your screen and perhaps writing down the actions you are going to start today.  Maybe it is reducing the quantity of your food and having more vegetables more often so you feel full, drinking 2 glasses of water before eating, recording your weight, booking in to see your family GP, learning some mindfulness and starting a bit of movement.

It is guaranteed you will learn something new each time you review these videos.  As I have said, again and again, consistency is the key.  Even if you use it for a bit, have a short break and then come back to it, that is fine, just make sure you come back to it.

Don’t be afraid to google topics if you are not sure what I am talking about and definitely send me questions – I am happy to clarify things further and then I will change the relevant videos.

If you have not already then I would encourage you to get a regular health professional or sign up for the private Facebook group via The Health Docs website.  This course now gives you pretty much everything you need to know but then it is applying it that now matters.  It really helps to have someone know your goals and assess the unique barriers in your life and problem solve to find solutions.

My sincere best wishes to you on your journey and perhaps I will see you in one of the future series.