Tip: It takes 20 minutes to feel full

When we eat food it goes into our stomach and then breaks down and releases energy into our blood.

When food gets into our stomach, our stomach starts to release hormones like cholecystokinin which signal to your brain that you are full.  These are called satiety hormones.

It takes about 20 minutes on average for energy to get into your blood and your body to sense it AND for the satiety hormones to increase enough and signal to your brain you are full.

Hence sometimes we don’t feel full in that first 20 minutes and we can just keep eating when our bodies don’t actually need it.  The problem is there is a lag between what you want and what you need. Sometimes the best thing you can do is have a prepare a smaller plate of food, eat it more slowly, then go and do something for until 20 minutes has gone by.  There is a very good chance that after 20 minutes – you will be satisfied and can go on about your life.