Tip: Incidental Meditation

Sometimes one of the challenges is finding time to meditate, or do the visualisations or internal affirmations I have discussed.  I get it – we get distracted, busy and so on… I do too!

So I would suggest trialling incidental practice.  Meaning those moments in life when you suddenly have maybe 30 seconds or a few minutes, perhaps after this video, or waiting for a train, or for water to boil, or waiting for the computer to start up.  There are many of these in a day. Instead of turning to a phone or other distraction, just sit, close your eyes, breath, relax and enjoy the abilities of your mind. Do whatever you feel is best for you in that moment, perhaps it is just breathing and feeling it, perhaps it is imagining the trillions of cells in your body repairing and living for you, perhaps it is visualising a happy moment in life or something you love, or forgiving someone or yourself.  Explore and enjoy – take life back.