Week 1 Activity

I have given you a few activities this week already but this one is about setting some specific goals.  I suggest writing down your goals somewhere – perhaps on a piece of paper, or your phone, or google doc or an email to yourself and make them viewable to remind you.  You can also enter them into the survey below.  Remember to make them “SMART” goals = specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-specific.

These can be short term and long term goals.  It is actually a very good idea to have a few long term goals but then a lot of small and short term goals that keep you achieving and satisfied.

For example, a long term goal may be: “I want to lose weight”, but instead make it specific and realistic e.g. “I will lose 4kg by this date next month and 24 kg after 12 months”.  Remember – better to go slow than not at all.

A short term goal example might be: “On x date, I will clean out my fridge and pantry” or “I am going to sign up to “these” dance classes on Wednesday” or “I am going to catch up with old friends this weekend”  etc etc

Also below is a private survey link where you can enter your current weight and other measurements if you want to, as well as providing your postcode and relevant questions.  Why your postcode??  Some of the participants of this course have found it is really helpful to catch up with each other for creating new friendships and support networks.  Hence if you provide your permission, interest and postcode we will connect up people living in the same regions.

Survey Link

Please do NOT provide your specific work or home address. These details are confidential, we will not provide anyone with your personal details without your prior permission. I will email the relevant regional participants who have opted in anonymously first (so no one can see each other’s email addresses) and ask permission to share the relevant email addresses so those opted in can follow up.