Hello friends, colleagues and listeners.

Thank you for checking out this website and thank you to Mark Blencowe for greatly assisting me in its production.

This website is the natural evolution of the podcast.  As the podcast has grown in content and listeners, I have found myself losing track of the myriad of excellent resources our guests have recommended.  These resources include podcasts, online courses, blogs, books, databases and more.  As health professionals, we come across so many resources for ourselves and our patients: some excellent, some average and some poor.  Over time, however, we forget them or move on.  Hence the premise of this website is very simple: to be a trusted library of the highest quality resources available for clinicians, academics, public health professionals and patients so, together, we can optimize healthcare.

If you come across a great resource yourself, please feel free to contact us. If we all work hard, then no one has to work too hard! Together, we can make the change.

Be well,

Dr Sam Manger